Our children’s homes and safe houses offer children a safe place to recover, receive counseling, and legal help if needed.

We help children restore their lives by providing:


Children who have experienced trauma need a safe place to recover and restore their lives. We provide safe, secure recovery homes where they can focus on recovery and healing.


Professional counseling is essential to the long term recovery and mental health for children who have been through traumatic events. We provide access to professional counselors who help them heal from their painful experiences.


Education is essential to the restoration process of these children. In order to heal and lead healthy lives they need to maintain their education. We help them continue their education, either within our recovery centers or at local public schools.

Children who have been trafficked and or exploited need a safe place where they can be loved, valued and given the time and resources they need to heal. These situations are complicated, security and safety are real concerns everyday. Restoration is a process that takes time and it is unique for each individual child.

We provide a safe place for them to be protected, to recover, to be cared for, receive counseling, to get an education in a private, safe place. We even help them plan for a safe future, if their situation requires it.

Recovery from these dangerous situations takes time. We care for children from of all ages, but most are between the ages of 4 and 16.