We prevent the trafficking and exploitation of children by teaching them how to be safe online and in their communities.



of children in our safe houses and childrens' homes met their attacker online.


of 8 year olds know less than 50% of their online acquaintances.


of exploited children in Southeast Asia meet their attacker online.


Internet Safety Training

Our internet safety curriculum has been specifically developed to help children here in Southeast Asia safely navigate the internet. We are continually doing research both online and in the local community to assess the online threats that are facing children. We then tailor our training programs and curriculum to help students stay safe and recognize unsafe conditions in their communities.

Peer Prevention Clubs

The Peer Prevention Clubs will give older students the opportunity to be involved in teaching younger students safe internet practices and to help recognize unsafe situations in the community.

These Peer Prevention Clubs offer older students a chance to earn certificates for the extra curricular activity and help us maintain an level of awareness without being present at every school.

Public Awareness Campaigns

We are in the process of developing a series of short animated public service announcements that can be shared on social media and through local media networks that teach children and parents about how to recognize avoid possible trafficking and exploitation situations.

These animated shorts films pair short memorable bits of information with visual depictions of potentially dangerous situations and habits. the goal is to remind the community to always be alert to the situations they put themselves in and to be intentional about their internet habits.

Success Story

A student in a local school was collecting photos from students and through sexting, unknowingly sending photos to child pornographer outside country. Catch was able to go to the school to explain what was happening and how teach the students how to prevent that from happening in the future.

Guiding Values

  • Safety
  • Comfort
  • Security
  • Protection

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