Crisis Intervention

Our team works to intervene in crisis situations to prevent exploitation and offer safety and care to those affected by human trafficking

How We Help

Call Center and Tip Line

We operate a community crisis and tip line that gives local communities a place to call if they see something suspicious or see a child in a risky situation. We respond to these situations and work with local authorities to help keep local communities safe.

Emergency Shelter

We operate emergency shelters for children caught in situations of trafficking and exploitation. We provide, food, and a safe, secure place to sleep while local authorities investigate the situation.

Counseling and Medical Care

We provide medical care and counseling in those situations where it is needed. We work with local trusted partners to offers these services in ways that are sensitive to the needs of children who have had a traumatic experience.

Childrens Homes

We maintain several secure childrens home that provide ongoing care and support for children who are involved in trafficking cases and need a safe place to stay while the investigations and court cases are in progress.


“Children are our most valuable resource,  the ones we love the most.

If we can prevent them from being exploited we must

-Pastor Jonathan Vickers